Advertising is a vital enabler in the economy, underpinning at least £100 billion of UK GDP. Credos’ flagship research seeks to understand and map the extent of this contribution by looking at how advertising benefits wider society through funding the digital economy, fuelling innovation, creating jobs, and lowering prices.




Public Attitudes 


Understanding what the public know about advertising, and more importantly, what they think about advertising, is a crucial task for everyone in the business of marketing. Credos’ annual surveys, focus groups, and interviews help create the fullest possible picture about trends in favourability and trust as well as chart public levels of concern on specific issues.

Body Confidence & Diversity

This work explores the effect of idealised imagery in advertising and assesses the opinions of teenage girls and young women towards practices such as airbrushing.  Credos also researches the methods by which marketers portray and communicate with people from ethnic minority backgrounds, and how adverts are interpreted within these communities. 


By surveying the attitudes of both parents and children towards the commercial messages they see, Credos hopes to inform policymakers and the general public about this highly politicised and sensitive issue.



Credos seeks to understand the influence of marketing and advertising on alcohol consumption in the UK. By reviewing the existing literature and conducting qualitative and quantitative research, a balanced debate can be had about where advertising should feature in any policy discussions. 



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