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How advertising fuels the UK economy

Advertising informs, entertains, persuades, dissuades and helps to enhance the perception of value. Its effects stretch across the economy, with roles ranging from an enabler of efficient markets to a supporter of the creative industries.

Advertising’s contribution to the UK economy is often lost among narrower debates about the industry. To help address this imbalance, the Advertising Association commissioned Deloitte to examine the economic impact of advertising in the UK.

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  • New dogs, old tricks?

    Google played host last night as 5 of adland’s most frighteningly sharp twentysomethings came to do battle at the Advertising Association’s inaugural Last One Standing. Their challenge was to identify the ad campaign, idea, or innovation which has most changed the world. A packed audience of 200 like-minded industry folk played judge and jury – [...]

  • Should we care about Celebs, Brands and Fake Fans?

    When you ‘Understand Advertising’ for a living, an evening in front of telly often counts as work.  But Channel 4’s Dispatches on Monday 5th August was required viewing for the Credos team as Celebs, Brands and Fake Fans promised an “expose” of celebrities being paid to endorse products on social media. The reaction in the [...]

  • Fake fans doc shock? Two years too late, say Twitter users

    Fake fans doc shock? Two years too late, say Twitter users
    Last night's (Mon 5 Aug 2013) C4 Dispatches (Celebs, Brands and Fake Fans), watched live by 1 million people, provoked comment and reaction from industry, but Twitter users seem less concerned. Credos looked at a selection of the 12,000 tweets in response to the programme, many saying that the themes weren't that surprising. Here's a selection [...]

Demonstrating how advertising contributes to the national economy by creating jobs, lowering prices, and fuelling innovation.

Understanding the character and influence of alcohol marketing in the UK.

Body Confidence & Diversity
Exploring how issues of body image and diversity are approached by advertisers and understood by the public.

Investigating the attitudes of both children and parents towards marketing communications.

Public Attitudes
Researching policymakers’ and the public’s attitudes towards key advertising issues and concerns.